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Retirement Plans

Attract and retain the best employees!

In today's turbulent economy, the question is not “should you” review your retirement plans, but, “how to” review it, to help ensure that your business has explored all opportunities for efficiencies, cost control and attractiveness to the employees. And maybe most importantly, you need the service to match the effectiveness of the plans.

At Matsen Wealth Management, whether you are concerned about your current plan or looking to start a new one, we deliver exceptional employee benefit solutions and service to efficiently attract and retain employees starting with a complimentary Strategic Review.

During this no-cost review we examine your needs and deliver:

  1. Solutions-focused planning aimed at an attempt to minimizing rising health care costs.
  2. Comprehensive, straightforward claims analysis tools for strong cost control.
  3. “What if” analysis to potentially maximize your benefits investment while understanding employee utilization impacts.
  4. Strategic communications and benefit delivery tools to improve employee involvement and satisfaction with valuable health care benefits.
  5. Innovative and effective wellness program with personal coaching that provides the most powerful lifestyle behavior change methodology available.