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Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning is the map that helps you navigate the "big picture”. At Matsen Wealth Management, we incorporate your personal values into the planning process to help you pursue your life goals. These goals might include planning for retirement, tax-advantaged strategies, special needs situations in the family, or saving for a financially efficient transition of your estate to those people or causes that are dear to you.

As part of the process, we help you understand where you are now, where you want to go, and what you must do to get there on an efficient path, buoyed by sound strategies and a focus on financial security.

Retirement Planning is similar to investing in that it is a dynamic process. Your financial goals may change over time based on your life circumstances. Life events can all have a significant effect on your planning strategy. For this reason, your plan becomes the “go to” document in making adjustments and helping you make important decisions on an ongoing basis on competing financial priorities.

So your plan serves as your compass to help improve crucial decision-making and implement appropriate financial strategies because you know where you are and where you are going.