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Estate Planning

Estate planning goes beyond just preserving and preserving your assets. At Matsen Wealth Management, we help plan for both your Lifestyle Portfolio, or the money that you will need to live the lifestyle you choose during your lifetime, as well as your Legacy Portfolio, the one you will leave behind to your beneficiaries. These two portfolios have different objectives and should be managed accordingly.

Another concern of Estate Planning, is insuring against estate taxes. Like the market, we never know what the law is going to dictate in the future in terms of the percentage or the exemption of the estate tax. Therefore, it is critical to plan for the unforeseen so as not to leave your beneficiaries with a large tax burden. This is especially true of business owners and real estate investors, where their assets are largely illiquid.

We can help you structure funding of the estate tax with tax-advantaged strategies and properly managed portfolios.

This information is not intended to be a substitute for specific individualized tax, legal or estate planning advice. Please see your financial professional regarding your specific situation.