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Business Owners

We offer Advanced Strategies for business owners to plan, preserve and grow their personal assets and to work towards a more tax-efficient value from their business.

Questions you should ask yourself are; Am I taking advantage of the significantly higher tax-deductible contributions available with the right plans? Am I accumulating capital, tax-deferred, to fund future business opportunities or my exit strategy? Am I and my accountant doing everything we can to reduce my tax burden? The answer is usually, no!

Wealth & Retirement Planning is a major issue for the high net-worth business owner, and one they are not getting adequate help with today. Advanced Planning for business owners goes beyond the typical, anecdotal planning of traditional IRAs and 401(k)s to include qualified and non-qualified plans, to non-qualified products that provide tax benefits so eagerly sought by high net-worth business owners.

As a business owner, you are often in the multiple dilemmas of tax deferral versus employee benefit costs, personal retirement funding versus company sponsored retirement funding, and taxes versus . . . taxes. You are also likely in a position where you need to reduce your business and personal vulnerability to certain risks that are otherwise beyond your control.

Matsen Wealth Management focuses on the whole picture- Your personal assets and your business income and value, and tax benefits. We help you manage your complete portfolio, including your illiquid, closely-held business.